Dr. Robert Coreth
Japanese American Chiropractic Office



  1. 1. An in depth consultation with Dr. Coreth is the first part of determining the cause of your particular health problem.

  2. 2. A Chiropractic spinal examination is performed, including careful analysis of muscle balance, spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxations), abnormal spinal range of motion and abnormal spinal nerve function (pinched nerves).

  3. 3. A general examination is performed to help understand your overall health. This exam includes common orthopedic and neurological tests.

  4. 4. Spinal x-rays help diagnose and pinpoint the exact cause of the patient’s pain.

  5. 5. During the report of findings, Dr. Coreth explains the patient’s problem, and makes a treatment plan recommendation.

  6. 6. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are very comfortable, effective and safe.