Dr. Robert Coreth
Japanese American Chiropractic Office



I came to Dr. Coreth about 6 months ago barely able to walk. I had intolerable back pain, shooting up to my head all the way down through to my legs. He was incredibly kind and gentle in my fragile mental and physical state.

He did an x-ray and explained it to me. He sent me home with a copy, along with a written explanation of my condition and the treatment plan/timeline. There were no surprises. I was able to easily explain it to my family. I had a slipped disc and a twist in my lower spine. He said with my condition, most would have operated. It took a few weeks to get back to 100%, but I felt better after every appointment.

He came in on his day off to continue the immediate treatment I needed. He also gave me his personal cellphone number in case of emergency.

Dr. Coreth helped me to figure out a payment plan and explained the best way of going about using my insurance. I truly felt that he was taking care of me and making sure he was giving me the best care for the lowest price possible.

I am now on a maintenance plan. I usually come in every 4-6 weeks for adjustments. But he said I can come in earlier if I start to feel discomfort, or push out the appointment if I am feeling fine.

I would recommend Dr. Coreth to anyone that has any chiropractic issues. He is extremely nice, and knowledgeable! I wouldn't go to anyone else to find a better experience in NYC.


Dr. Robert Coreth has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. I first came to him after a knee injury that resulted in two surgeries. I had been walking and moving in ways that had misaligned my spine and caused me consistent pain. After initial assessment, x-rays, and frequent visits he had stabilized me and relieved the pain I had when I worked. I now come for regular "monthly maintenance" visits. Dr. Coreth will tailor my adjustments to the particular area and cause of pain should there be one. I am convinced that regular chiropractic care is an essential preventative care regimen.

Dr. Robert is an affable, caring physician who is passionate about his work and I am happy I found him. I would recommend him to anyone with back or neck problems who wants to stay mobile and productive instead of waiting until the only option left is serious spinal surgery.


My name is Maria and I have been a patient of Dr.Coreth's for many years.

He is a very kind and considerate doctor. He cares for his patients with the highest regard for their health. I can’t say enough about how wonderful chiropractic care is and the amazing benefits from it .Dr.Coreth cares deeply for his patients and it shows by his faithfulness. His staff is wonderful as well and so polite and they know all their patients. When you visit Dr.Coreth you are not a "chart" you are a patient that he is genuinely concerned for and that is so refreshing. I recommend Dr.Coreth with the most highest regard.


I had a pain that radiated on the left side from the neck, the shoulder then down to the elbow. I thought it would go away in due time, but the pain got worse, felt even when I was supposed to have been asleep.

I sought help from a chiropractor, an orthopedic surgeon, a neuro surgeon and a pain management doctor. After MRI and CAT Scan, one surgeon pushed for an immediate ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion), and the other recommended a disc replacement surgery.

The pain was not getting any better, and I resigned myself to make an arrangement for a disc replacement surgery. Just then I happened to speak with a friend about my conditions, and right away, without any hesitation, she insisted on a consultation with Dr. Coreth. She said that her entire family have been under Dr. Coreth's care at one time or another. I was skeptical at best since I already have been to a different chiropractor with no relief, but she persistently insisted on Dr. Coreth's opinion. Little did I know then, that her recommendation and introduction to Dr. Coreth saved me from the inevitable surgery.

Dr. Coreth's diagnosis pinpointed the source of my conditions, which the 2 surgeons and the other chiropractor have missed; they all saw at the afflicted area, but not the cause. Soon after I began the treatment under Dr. Coreth's care, my pain magically disappeared. It's been six months since I walked into Dr. Coreth's office for the first time, and today, my treatment continues as a routine maintenance.

I believe and trust Dr. Coreth. In my opinion, he is an exceptional and gifted healer and a consummate professional who cares about his patients. He is very calm in his approach and he is very pleasant. I dare to say that one could not meet a nicer and more decent human being than Dr. Coreth.


Dr. Coreth become my chiropractor three year ago and what a wonderful different he made in my life. When I first come to him I could hardly walk. I was in constant pain. From my first visit, I have seen improvement. My quality of life has improved for the better. I can go dancing again. I am able to shovel snow in the winter. The pain in my back and legs has decreased substantially.

I have been to other chiropractors before him, but none had the impact on my life/health that he has. I have recommended him to my family and friends. He is the best!